Mssng Lnks has experienced significant growth since our founding in 2004, but our goals have remained nearly the same as the day we first launched:

  • To help students find their voice, literally and figuratively
  • To help students manage the many challenges and obstacles they will face on the road to becoming a professional singer
  • To be a role model and mentor who can motivate, offer encouragement and inspire through example
  • To connect students with educators, administrators, arts and music organizations, and church groups — and help establish a solid network of support
  • To facilitate a multi-directional “inter-gration” process between students, music organizations and local communities, moving beyond the typical one-way “integration” process where one group assimilates into another; instead, we expect all parties to actively reach out, interact and work together to achieve mutually-beneficial goals
  • To encourage students to gain invaluable “insights” from the world around them and actively “in-sight” for themselves by looking for deeper meanings on their own – in community, in music, in musical legacies of those who have gone before, and ultimately, in their own voice

We encourage you to take a few minutes to browse our site to familiarize yourself with all of our programs.